COLLECTIVE WISDOM can yield better and faster decision-making if we provide the conditions for it to grow and thrive in our organizations.


To lead today is to confront uncertainty. To lead effectively today is to embrace uncertainty, to harness it, to turn it to advantage.

Even as our world grows more connected, it is also growing more volatile, more unpredictable, more complex, more ambiguous—so much so that recognizing the phenomenon, the U.S. military reduced it to an acronym: VUCA.

Why? Because the VUCA environment demands more of our leaders, requires that they grow new skills or risk defeat.

In any organization, clarity of vision and purpose can yield to overwhelm, frustration, and change fatigue at any level before the ink is dry on the plan as the speed of change in a VUCA world outstrips our traditional, top-down ways of driving progress and maintaining control.

And yet, from disruption springs opportunity. It is the leaders who embrace and harness change who stand to impact the world in the most profound, positive and transformative ways.

Uncertainty is the primary driver in clouding the view of global CEOs.

– PWC Global CEO Survey, 2020 forecast


EITHOS helps leaders rethink leadership.

It’s not enough to recognize the VUCA environment around us. We also have to recognize our own motivations, our passions, our biases and blind spots. With insight on our own perceptions, we can often shift the definition of a problem and provoke fresh thinking with powerful and unexpected results.

But inspecting and shifting our perceptions can be hard. Challenging our own assumptions demands a level of curiosity and vulnerability and trust that can be unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Often these aren’t the traits that got successful people where they are today, and embracing them can feel risky.

Eithos helps established and high-potential leaders at all levels through a process of shedding their preconceptions, understanding how they lead and how they empower others to lead, and gaining the confidence to let go of traits that no longer serve them in an accelerating VUCA environment.

Only 18% of leaders are VUCA-capable.

– DDI/Conference Board Global Leadership Forecast 2015


With self-awareness comes openness to new ideas from unexpected quarters.

Instead of dictating the plan from on high, the strongest leaders learn to listen, to synthesize strategy from the insights and the creativity of those on the front lines. By repeating back and amplifying the best collective intelligence of the organization, leaders can suddenly find their words resonate in ways they didn’t before.

With increasing alignment comes more intuitive understanding and quicker, more organic decisioning on the best way forward. Individuals at all levels see and seize new opportunities faster and avoid dangers more swiftly and at lower cost. Teams grow more committed and inspired by a shared sense of meaning and purpose.

And therein lies your culture—the intangible, everyday expression of the values that define your organization and its place in the world. Successful businesses today understand that in an unpredictable and complex world, no matter what unexpected opportunity or challenge emerges, a healthy culture built on collective intelligence helps teams stay focused, inspired, aligned and performing at their best.

Organizations whose leaders are VUCA-capable are 3x more likely to have financial performance [in the] top 20% and 2x as likely to have prioritized relational vs. management skills.

– DDI/Conference Board Global Leadership Forecast 2015

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