We serve as catalysts for forward-thinking leaders addressing the world’s most complex challenges to drive action, growth, and change.

We use our leadership principles to guide us in all aspects of our decision-making. They shape our partnerships with consultants, influence which clients we commit to serve, and provide a foundation for the types of services we provide. The principles are our internal language. They reinforce who we are by being embedded in every decision we make and in the conversations we have – each day, every day.


  • We are relentlessly optimistic. We unwaveringly believe in human potential – our clients’ potential – to overcome the challenges we see in the world. Our belief is hard- won, based on the success of our clients. Because we believe, often so do our clients. Decision-making: Is this an opportunity to make progress in the world? Is our leader “ripe” (ready to make personal changes that will accelerate his/her impact/ability to lead others)? What are the positive ripple effects of this decision compared to other options?
  • We are never done learning. The questions we ask shape the direction we go. We are curious about new perspectives and possibilities we see in the world, and we act to explore them. Decision-making: Is this stretching us as a team? Is it helping us see things differently? Will it make us better at serving other clients? Are we staying in a place of inquiry or are we advocating in our conversations?
  • We focus on the lightest touch that drives the biggest impact for accelerated positive change. Our work is efficient, with an eye on planned obsolescence. We believe in our clients’ capacity to accelerate change without us. Decision-making: What is the lightest touch we can have in order to drive the biggest impact? Given all other options is this the best allocation of our limited resources?
  • We are unapologetically disruptive. Disruption requires walking away from known paths and accepted norms. It requires relentless forward movement and bravery. We start with the end in mind and stay focused on it, taking smart risks and failing forward even when we face resistance. Decision-making: How does this produce change and movement toward “true north” – toward our ideal? In those areas we are stuck, what conversations do we need to have that we aren’t currently having?
  • We are grounded in a moral compass. Is it humane? Is it kind? Decision-making: How is this humane, how is it kind? Given all other options is this the most ethically appropriate one? Can we sleep comfortably with the choices we are making?
  • It’s not about us. We are committed to serving a higher calling – the bolder vision, the imperative for positive social change, and the ability of others to lead the way. It is only ⅙ billionth about us. Decision-making: How do we know we are in alignment with a higher purpose? Are we making this decision based on what is best for Eithos, our bottom line or our own needs or are we making it because we see the potential for positive social change?
  • We are results-driven. We hold ourselves and our clients accountable for making progress on the changes they want to see in the world. Decision-making: How are we holding ourselves and our clients accountable to making progress on their goals? Are we and the client in agreement on those benchmarks?
  • We don’t shy away from the truth. Wherever we are, is where we are. Now we can do something about it. Decision-making: What conversation are we avoiding having? Are we clear and aligned with ourselves and the client/others on what the starting point is? How do we know?

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