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leading from within

Course Overview:

“Our deepest calling is to grow into our own authentic selfhood. As we do so, we will find our path of authentic service in the world.” –Parker J. Palmer

Why: There are times when we are called to tune in to our inner voices of yearning often ignored in the busy-ness of everyday life. Sometimes it is triggered by a momentous life event like a milestone birthday, a loss of a loved one or a job, a recent empty nest, or a sudden awareness of one’s own mortality.  Other times it can manifest as a growing sense of unease, restlessness, exhaustion, or dissatisfaction that can no longer be ignored. It is times like these that our bodies are trying to tell us to slow down and pay attention – to retreat from the rapid daily pace of life’s demands and check-in and explore what it means to live a life of purpose and meaning.  It is often in these moments of slowing down, that we tap into great insight and creativity that profoundly disrupts in positive ways how we see, and thus engage the world.  With these shifts in perspectives, we can own our own power and confidence to embrace the changes we want to see in ourselves and in our world.

What: The retreat is designed to be an accelerated experience of deep individual and group coaching, while often highly disruptive it is not for those seeking or needing therapy. This is a retreat designed for those who resonate with the description above or just feel ready to do the internal work to disrupt how you engage with the world.

During the retreat, we will each work on our own challenge as an entry-point to cultivating the skills, wisdom and confidence for a lifetime of intentional living. We will ask ourselves the difficult questions that challenge long-held beliefs and patterns to reveal clearer and more authentic ways forward. By integrating time in nature, individual reflection confidential coaching, and group dialogue along with fun and practical exercises, each of us will leave the retreat with a transition plan and a community of support to help us to continue to navigate our transitions after the retreat.

Leading From Within retreats have been held all over the world from Kampot Cambodia to Napa Valley California, bringing together diverse groups of leaders of change to rest, recharge and accelerate their leadership power in the world.  You come with a challenge question you are seeking to find answers to.  We provide a beautiful environment in nature, nutritious food and an ideal environment to do the deep work of aligning your life to a life that matters for you.

Results: Previous participants expressed leaving the retreat:

  • With insight and clarity into the life challenge explored in the retreat
  • Feeling energized, rested, and excited about the future
  • Greater sense of peace and confidence
  • A deeper connection to the here and now
  • A concrete action plan of executable next steps
  • A trusting community of peers to support and rely on over the months while executing the plan

“I felt overwhelmed with all the work I need to do, constantly reacting to one crisis after another.  I realized that how I show up is something I can control, and that starts with my own practice.”

“Thanks to the “Leading from Within” team for creating such a terrific space to shake up my world.  I wouldn’t have expected that falling apart and then putting it all back together in a more resonate form would be fun!”

“I came to the retreat stuck in resentment at my business partner.  I left feeling in charge and ready to move on to the next chapter of my life.  Thank you”

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, specific dates and location for the next US- based retreat TBD.  Let us know you are interested, and we will keep you informed at info@eithos.com or use form below.

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