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Mastering Leadership Facilitation Skills

Course Overview:

Why: Have you ever noticed that high performing teams often seem to enjoy each other’s company?  When our teams connect, communicate and align, we stay focused on our strategy, seizing emergent opportunities and avoiding the unexpected risks inherent in an unpredictable and complex world.  Great leaders often make it so easy that we chalk it up to charisma or luck, but often they have mastered basic facilitation skills that reinforce high engagement, trust and transparency, and direct communication among their team members to skillfully and confidently navigate a way forward, no matter the complexity of their work environment. The skills aren’t so difficult that they feel like conducting brain surgery, but they are based on brain science and they are simple enough for anyone to learn.  The Covid-19 pandemic has touched each of us personally on just how unpredictable our world is. In times of uncertainty, your leadership power is based on your ability to keep the team together, making smart and agile decisions and performing at its best despite an unknown and turbulent future.

Who: If you are a leader of teams seeking to increase your leadership effectiveness, or you are an internal or external organizational consultant helping others to lead, this course is designed to help you gain mastery of a suite of leadership facilitation skills that accelerate team alignment, rapid, smart decision-making  and, meaningfully, increase the sheer pleasure of working together.

Results: This highly interactive 2-day workshop is designed to build your capacity to help your teams to:

  • Have conversations that matter and break out of conversational “looping”
  • Accelerate smart decision-making
  • Align teams behind a shared greater purpose
  • Disrupt rank and power dynamics that silence the wisdom in the room
  • Increase trust and transparency among team members

You will leave with:

  • Increased confidence to cultivate high performing teams
  • A suite of tools and methodologies to accelerate team performance and cohesion
  • A network of relationship to help you plan and prepare for your team interventions

About the Facilitator: Luisa Perticucci is Chief Catalyst at Eithos. She has been helping leaders globally build their capacity to lead in an increasingly complex world for over 20 years.  Her customized leadership facilitation engagements have made her the catalyst of choice at organizations including the Center for Disease Control, UNICEF, the World Bank and many others.

Location TBD due to the Covid-19 outbreak. An optional virtual course is being considered. If interested, let us know at info@eithos.com or +1.206.636.1173 and we will keep you informed as plans finalize.

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