An Eithos engagement is closely tailored to each client’s unique situation. Consultants and coaches can be deployed at multiple levels to optimize for individual, organizational and global impacts.

Our work together often begins with an assessment of an organization’s leadership and culture through confidential surveys and interviews. While the findings are sometimes startling or even unwelcome, Eithos creates a safe forum to build increasing transparency and trust around the results. Ongoing monitoring typically reveals an advancing acknowledgment and acceptance of the organization’s reality along with improved creativity, commitment and trust as teams pull into alignment around the organization’s purpose.

IMPACT: individual

Your Eithos relationship begins and ends with the one-on-one, confidential, strategic support you need to advance your individual impact in the world.

While seasoned leaders have relied on executive coaching for years, in the VUCA world they are looking for something more: a safe, strategic sounding board, sparring partner and guide capable of navigating all levels of an organization to help sight and overcome challenges and seize opportunities swiftly while building leadership insight, strength and skills.

In short, a catalyst to help rethink who and how you want to be—in your organization and in the world.

Your Catalyst at Eithos can help you:

Elicit new information and perspectives that may otherwise be inhibited by rank and authority

Experiment confidentially and safely with new ways of leading

Challenge long-held assumptions that reinforce the status quo and hold you back from embracing your full leadership power

Map out ways of living your values in ways that inspire and sustain you and others and give meaning to your life and the work you do

Personal transformation can and does have global effects. Ultimately, the revolution that will save the world is a personal one.

– Marianne Williamson


Eithos helps you build and leverage a healthy culture to mobilize resources dynamically in times of change, inspire breakout performance and accelerate the impact you want to see in the world.

Organizations provide constant feedback on their health, though not always in ways we recognize or appreciate. Resistance to change is a familiar theme, yet often we try to push through resistance without understanding the underlying issues that stakeholders may be trying to communicate.

Signs might include:

 A new vision or strategy that doesn’t seem to gain traction, a drop in productivity or a key indicator

Anecdotal reports of gossip or disruption hinting at frustration, confusion or anxiety

 The loss of a key player

Often our leadership response is to double down on old-school management approaches–holding back on communication until everything is known, implementing new controls, reinforcing systems and processes, releasing new org charts–when what’s really needed is a new level of leadership capable of understanding and mobilizing the strategic power of culture.

  “If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff will just take care of itself ”

– Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos

IMPACT: Global

We live in an interconnected world. The issues we face every day, and the actions we take in response, can have unexpected ripple effects on the health, quality of life and sustainability of people and populations near and far.

Eithos’s highly customized whole-systems change services are specifically tailored to the needs of corporations, governments and high-impact NGOs/non-profits working across boundaries to tackle the most pressing global issues in highly disruptive, highly transformative ways.

Previous client engagements include:

A US government agency working to keep disease outbreaks in Africa and South East Asia from becoming global pandemics by empowering front-line health care providers worldwide to lead, solve problems locally, and safely communicate bad news to senior government officials.

A US state agency disrupting the typical cradle-to-jail foster care model to ensure the most vulnerable children not only survive but thrive to lead healthy, productive, jail-free lives.

A highly profitable US defense contractor ramping sales by focusing on non-violent services that keep our troops safe and rehabilitate returning veterans.

“Now is the time for all of us to take our share of responsibility for a global response to global challenges”

– Barack Obama

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